Friday, July 30, 2010

Rock Star Status

*Photo Disclaimer - I know its not the best picture, but it was taken quickly from the front passenger seat *

Drew is starting to like his sunglasses again. I'm glad so he stops breaking mine while playing with them, but for another reason....he looks so darn cute!
He puts them on all by himself (example above) every time I ask him if he wants to be a rock star?!? He almost immediately puts them on his face (under his ears) and looks around at his surrounds, waiting for everyone to notice him.
I just keep telling everyone, I'm just letting him practice for the paparazzi are around when he's older!


carla said...

A precious family. I couldn't help but look at Drew's growth chart. I am a new Nana. My sweet little Henli is 6 weeks old and her mommy uses the same little chart on her facebook page. Being a mother is priceless! You are doing the most important work of your life.

Please check out my blogs: (picture of my family and super delicious grandbaby)

Anonymous said...

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