Friday, July 23, 2010

Nice & Cozy

I searched everywhere for a bathrobe for Drew. I was looking since he started to walk, but was out of luck tracking one down in his size. The only one I could find in kid clothes stores was 0-9months. I was looking (at the time) for something in the 18month size range, so I was out of luck.

Then one day last week I received one of those emails from companies trying to have you buy something from them with sales and all that propaganda. Well, I feel for one of them and checked out the website. I have purchased from this company in the past, so I took a chance and checked out the kids stuff.

Jackpot!! I found a kids bathrobe in a 24 month size that I had to have for Drew. I ordered it and had his name put on it too. I'm excited too since they have bigger kids sizes once he grows out of this one.

It arrived the other day and I couldn't wait to put it on him! Once I did, I snapped those must have photos. Drew strutted around in his new bathrobe while he brushed his teeth. What a big boy!!


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