Monday, February 15, 2010

Where did you learn that?

My boy is typically happy and fills everyone elses lives with joy. He smiles when you are around, gets excited when you walk into a room, will follow you around while he talks to you and typically is happy as can be with his little life.

But, there are times when he can throw the best of tantrums. When did he learn to do that? I never taught him how to throw one of those, so I have no idea where he learned it. Its one of those where he's over tired or told him no one too many times (after he stands up and want to touch the tv) and you go to pick him up and his body just goes straight. You can't grab him under his arms or he'll slip right out and onto the floor so you fumble with his body.

He just started to do this withing the past couple of weeks and I just was curious how babies/kids learn these things!! Its amazing on one aspect, but really challenging on another. I can only imagine what else he comes up with to protest what he's being told.

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