Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mural Project Day 1

Sunday was the first day of the mural production in Drew's room. I had requested assistance from Jeff and my FIL for the first day to help figure out where the mural should go on the wall. I thought I would involve them in someway with helping put this thing together.

So, Jeff and my FIL measured out the size of the mural and marked the wall off with blue painters masking tape for me. It was a whole involved process with pencils, calculators, levelers, laser pointers and the blue tape. Drew stood by to supervise and hold the blue tape for them. He was so proud sitting in his crib so close to the action.

Once that was all taken care of, it was my turn. Today's step was to paint inside the blue box, white over the yellow existing paint. A nice white canvas for the Winnie the Pooh eating honey mural. I had picked up an 8oz container of white paint at Home Depot. It was the "new" try it out before you buy it paint container and it was perfect for my project.

I was able to apply two coats of white paint today. I was very happy. I know it wasn't much for today, but I didn't want to do too much in one day and get sloppy with the project. And besides, when I was done painting, I wanted to get Drew out of the house with the fumes.

Next weekends task, trace the HUGE mural onto the wall. I love the mural company I found on ebay since the mural (4 feet tall x 3 feet long), tracing paper and shipping was under $20. I have a feeling the tracing will be the hardest part, so I am keeping it for its own day's project.


Cherish said...

looks like fun! I've started to paint the little boys' room in a base color so I can do their murals too. Is there anything more fun?

Kellan said...

How fun to make you sweet boy's room so special. It's so much fun to decorate children's rooms. Alexis is the only one that still allows me to be involved in the whole decorating of her room.

Have fun with your project - I'm sure it is going to turn out wonderfully.

Take care and see you soon - Kellan