Thursday, February 11, 2010

Offical Haircut

Mr Drew Magoo had his first official haircut last weekend. He's had 4 other touch-ups or haircuts from his parents, but the other day was his first time sitting in the barber chair.

We were at the mall and my mom said she wanted to look into getting her hair cut and hinted that she wanted to splurge and let Drew have his hair done too. So, we signed them both up for a haircut and waited for their turn.

Drew went first and sat in the big boy chair (with the kid booster seat) for his trim. I was in front of the little guy to help keep him focused and to make sure he doesn't turn around and fall off the chair (that wouldn't leave a good impression).
So, the hair dresser did her thing with a snip here and a buzz there. She was very patient since Drew was a little squirmy, but not too bad. He wanted to see what was going on more then anything. He didn't mind the buzz sound around his ears or the hair dresser holding his bangs while she trimmed, he just wanted to help out (and at times he was being tickled).
After a short time, his hair was done. He looks like such a big boy now! I was very proud of him that he did so well for his first time with someone else trimming his hair. This could turn into a routine thing if it continues to work out so well!


Brooke said...

Awww...what a big boy now!!

The Sweet Family said...

What a cutie patootie!!!

I cannot believe how fast he is growing up.