Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Timeline Is No More

My weekly "Timeline Thursday" has come to an end. Last week was the final one. The pictures that were published on Thursdays were taken by my cell phone. Those photo's were actually daily photo's I had taken of Drew and sent out to those who "subscribed" to them since the day he was born. I would then gather those photo's from during the week and post them weekly here.

Well, that ended on Saturday when I had changed my cell phone plan to eliminated the data package which had the email component in a lump fee on my cell phone bill. Well, I took it off of our phones to save a little money each month, which in turn eliminated the daily photo.

But, I will now return to the Wordless Wednesday photo's and they will feature Drew. I hope the photo of the day recipients will enjoy the blog along with my regular "fans".


Chillygator said...

Oh no! I'm always sad when daily photos come to an end.

Amanda said...

It was a very tough decision for me to do it!