Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tropical Heat Wave

So, its not an official heat wave or even tropical, but its so warm outside. This past weekend was beautiful outside and it lasted through today. After tonight the temperatures are suppost to drop into lower numbers, but it was great while it was here. Its hard to believe it's November and its so warm.

We couldn't pass the early fall like weather up this weekend, so we took several walks and played outside. Since it was still so nice, I decided to let my mom and Drew venture around my work today. Alot of people around campus have been requesting to see the little guy, so why not take advantage and let my mom stroll Drew around campus to visit with everyone.

So, mom and Drew departed my vehicle and made their way around from 8am-just about noon. I was so worried that Drew would get bored being in his carriage and be a handful for my mom, but he proved me wrong. He loved watching, studying and meeting all of these new people. When he was ready to move on, he'd give my mom a cue and they would make their way to the next department. My mom said he was fantastic and I was so pleased. Never mind everyone being so excited to see him.

It was a perfect way to make the best out of such wonderful weather.

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