Friday, November 20, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving

Who out there will brave the crowds to get a deep discounted item next Friday? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, I won't be out there at 3am or 4am or 5am, but I'll be out and about next Friday with other folks getting into the holiday spirit.

Only, I'll be out there looking for the annual Christmas Bear my Grandfather collects since my Grandmother started collecting them years before she passed away. We still go out looking for the dressed up bear with the current year on his/her foot. My Grandpa has them piled on a spare bed in his office in memory of my Grandma. So, of course I have to help him search for this years bear!

Last year we had to go to several Wal-Marts to look for the specific bear. I hope this year, we just have to go to one store and she (this year it'll be the girl bear out of the pair) will be sitting there waiting for us to pick her up!!

After we find the bear, we'll walk around one of the many malls in the area and my Grandpa will people watch. He doesn't like going in the stores so he sits on a bench in the mall's hallway and observes all the individuals that walk past him. When I return to him after I've looked in a store, he has a full report of who walked by him and how strange it is that everyone has a cell phone.

But, its our day after Thanksgiving tradition and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Its a fun time with Grandpa and I'm always interested in hearing his interpretation of the world passing him by while we are at the mall.

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