Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Boo-Boo

My little boy is a mover. He's an explorer. He's a leader and a follower (when you have cookies or a little debbie brownie). He won't sit still if there in an adventure to be had. And with that comes boo-boo's.

Already Drew has had many scraped knees, cuts and bruises. He gets them at day care, at home inside and out. He's bonked his head countless times and once you've recognized that he got "hurt" he stops whining and moves on.

Recently I received a phone call at work from day care. I recognized the phone number on caller id and once I picked up the receiver, I could hear my little boy screaming on the other line. I hear one of the teachers explain what had happened just moments ago and my first question was, should I go to the ER or pediatrician?

Drew was stepping out of the sandbox outside of day care, tripped and fell face first onto a metal tonka truck and slammed his eye area. When they first called me, he was bleeding and not letting anyone look at his eye. But as my conversation continued, things calmed down and it was determined to just call the pediatricians office and see what they say.

During his appointment, they tested his eye for any damage. Drew was very lucky this time that just a small blood vessel had broken in his eye with some cuts on his face that did not require any stitches. So, I kept him home after the check-up for some mommy lovin and Tylenol since I assumed he'd have one massive headache.

Then, the next day when I picked him up at day care, the boy had two skinned knees from falling from pushing a bike. Man, oh man am I going to have my hands full for several years. But, I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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