Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Not Ignoring You

I haven't forgotten about you. I think of you often. I've just been really busy doing homework for the past week, working on a very important task for Jeff and I. It ties up my free time after Drew goes to bed, so I had to pick and chose what was important.

Well, that homework is done for now and so I can continue to do the things I really enjoy.

You ask, what kind of homework? Well, Jeff and I filed for bankruptcy this year. Our process started back in February with a sit down with a lawyer. Then we (really, I had to) had to collect all the paperwork to support our finances for the past 6 months and submit them to the lawyer. Then we had to take an online credit counseling course that talked about bankruptcy and our finances.

Then the wait game began. They said it would take 6-8 weeks before we heard from anyone. It was more like 10 weeks, then of course I had to find MORE financial paperwork that for some reason wasn't on the list of things to gather up. So, that took a little more time.

Then finally, our first week of vacation we had turned in everything we needed, reviewed our paperwork and was able to officially file for bankruptcy. But, our case wasn't approved yet. We still had to go in front of a Massachusetts appointed trustee to review and except or deny our case. That meeting took place at the end of August. I was so nervous, I kept thinking what will happen if our case was denied. But, we were approved and all clear.

The final step was to complete a 2 hour online video education online. I am so happy the online classes were able to be broken up since they were so horribly done and degrading. So, that was my homework for the past week, watching online video's lecturing me/us about credit. So, that is done! Next step, submit our certificates to the lawyer once we receive them and we are dept free.

I know some people look at bankruptcy as a last resort and look at it as a mark on their credit history. Yes, it was our last resort, but I look at it as a chance to breath and have the weight taken off my shoulders.

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