Thursday, September 2, 2010

Always Helpin'

We have a little helper around the house. He loves to be involved, helping and then giving a hi-five once the task is done! It doesn't matter what is going on, Drew wants to be in it somehow and I think its great. I want him to learn things, to study how things work no matter if its big or small. I want him to be independent and want to do things on his own. And my philosophy is, it starts early on the small things. So, if he wants to take a swing with the fly swatter (once Grandpy takes care of the fly), sure thing! If he wants to throw the wrapper away once he's done eating his breakfast bar, sure thing!

Drew's new thing he's working on helping with is putting his socks on. He's getting there, the other day he put his sock on his big toe. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right!?!?!

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