Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 County Fair

We had a fantastic time at the fair over the weekend. The weather was perfect, Drew was in a good mood and and there was lots of fun to be had by all!! The fair was a local annual fair that has animals, rides, displays of tractors, food and anything you can think of that belongs at a fair.

The big attraction this year was the Monster Trucks! That is what made our decision to attend this fair rather then another on going on in the area. We knew Drew would L-O-V-E the trucks. As we walked through the gate of the fair, there was an announcement about premium seats to view the truck show and the opportunity to walk around the trucks with the premium seat purchase. We made a bee line to the box office to check out the upgraded tickets. It was only $5 more to get the extra perks (and Drew was free to enter the fair, for the monster truck show and for the premium seats......score!!).

Drew was in his glory walking around these larger then life trucks. He would walk up to the tire and hit the rim and smile. He was loving it! Then we discovered there was rides IN a monster truck. So, yup, Jeff, Drew and myself all got to ride in the back of a monster truck. Drew was serious the whole ride, but once he realized what was going on, he was in his own glory!

The show was entertaining. We didn't stay for the whole show since it was way past someones nap time and he was getting tired (not fussy since he was enjoying himself, just trying to get comfy). So, we left half way through the show, be for what we got to experience in the short amount of time, it was priceless. I hope the monster trucks come around next year so Drew can experience it all over again being a little older.

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